1. Bye Bye Baby (Gaudio/Crew)

2. I only wanna be with you (Hawker/Raymond)

3. Cut and run (Faulkner)

4. I was only dreaming (Wood)

5. Rock and Roll love letter (Moore)

6. Yesterday´s Hero (Vanda/Young)

7. Before the edge (Faulkner)

8. Shang a lang (Martin/Coulter)

9. She can´t say no (Faulkner)

10. Money Honey (Faulkner/Wood)

11. Don´t stop believing (Wood)

12. Rock and roll honeymoon (Goodison/Wainman)

13. Electric Wheels (Faulkner)

14. Summerlove Sensation (Martin/Coulter) ****


All tracks be Eric Faulkner´s BCR, except **** by Les McKeown´s 70´s BCR