B.C.R. Video Hits
BMG Japan 2004 release

Love me like I love you, I only wanna be with you, Give a little love
It´s a game, You made me believe in magic, Turn on the radio

1981 Burning Rubber
feat. Alan Longmuir (leading role)
Duncan Faure, Stuart Wood & Derek Longmuir in smaller roles.

1991 Japan Tour 1976
available on VHS and laserdisc (25 min.)

contains live stuff: Rock and Roller, Rock and roll love letter,
Let´s have a party, Yesterday´s Hero, I only wanna be with you,
Saturday Night

One of the rare film stuff with Pat McGlynn

1993  The Best of Bay City Rollers´ Shang a lang

best of the TV series available on VHS, laserdisc and DVD (2000) (60 min.)
incl. Shang a lang, When will you be mine, Give a little love, Summerlove Sensation,
Bye Bye baby, Saturday Night, All of me loves all of you, Angel Baby,
My teenage heart, La Belle Jeane, Keep on dancing