1. Wild mountain thyme (McPeake)
2. Dark Island (MacLachlan)
3. Flower of Scotland (Williams)
4. Skye Boat Song (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
5. Loch Lomond / Amazing Grace (Trad.: Wood/Campbell/Taylor)
6. Caledonia (MacLean)
7. Highland Cathedral (Corb)
8. My love is like a red red rose/
The Rosebud/
Ae fond kiss (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
9. Mull of Kintyre (McCartney/Lane)
10. Annie Laurie (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
11. Hasten & Come with me (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
12. Ye banks and braes (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
13. A man´s a man for a´ that (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
14. The pipes are calling (Danny Boy theme) ( Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
15. My home (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
16. Will ye no come back again (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
17. Bonnie Galloway (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
18. Rowan Tree (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
19. Flowers if the forest (Trad.:Wood/Campbell)
20. Auld Lang Syne (Trad.: Wood/Campbell)
21. I will protect you (my sweet wee child) (Campbell)